Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling give you the time and space to talk about the problems you are experiencing with someone who is trustworthy and independent of family and friends. My task is to provide a safe, confidential space in which we can explore, without judgement your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour in different situations.

We cannot change the past but we can develop a new perspective on what has shaped us as individuals. We will work together with curiosity and compassion to develop insight into how you currently experience people and situations. The therapeutic process is about exploring wider perspectives of yourself, which give you more flexibility and choices in life.

This learning happens for individuals at different speeds and at different times. It is your own personal journey toward a more engaged and enriched life. The program of therapy can be brief (6-12 sessions), focused on a particular issue, or a much longer journey of self-discovery and integration. Some of the issues I work with include:

Depression and low mood
Stress and anxiety
Grief and loss
Compulsive habit change
Trauma and abuse
Panic attacks
Fears and phobias
Transforming anger
Relationship issues
Gender identity
Confidence building

Even though psychotherapy and counselling are known as 'talking therapies' we may also use posture, movement, drawing or other creative ways to help explore and expand our understanding.

My work is supported and bound by the good practice and ethical frameworks of my training and professional registration bodies.